Activating Deputy Account

Deputy is BSL’s scheduling and timesheet system.

You will use Deputy to access to your work roster, sign in and out of every shift, submit your time sheets communicate within the workplace and place leave requests. All of these can be done via a Deputy Kiosk, which are fitted in BSL workplaces and can be accessed by each employee with a pin.

You can also access Deputy on the go! Download the Deputy app to check your work roster, communicate with your Manager/Supervisor and coworkers and put in leave requests.
Download Deputy via the Apple Store or Google Play.

Once your contract has been signed, you will receive an email to setup your Deputy Account. Simply select the link provided within this email and create your password to activate your account. 

For more information and assistance with using Deputy, please refer to your Buller Skills training.

*** This is not applicable to Snowsports Instructors***