We hope that you will take advantage of the benefits that come with your employment.  To receive a season’s pass and other benefits of working with BSL (if eligible*) team members must have a profile/account in our ticketing system (RTP) and be issued a B-TAG.  You will use your B-TAG to access the lifts as well as take advantage of available discounts (if eligible) in BSL food and beverage, Ski and Snowboard School, and retail outlets.

  • In order to pick up your B-TAG (if eligible) you must have completed all assigned on-boarding activities including the online induction.
  • You must have your B-TAG with you in order to access the chairlifts and to utilize team member benefits. Disciplinary action may be taken for staff attempting to access chairlifts without a B-TAG.
  • Do not loan your B-TAG to anyone, even another team member.  Disciplinary action may be taken for staff caught loaning their B-TAG to anyone.
  • Ski and other privileges can be revoked for breach of policy or other disciplinary reasons.

*Benefit levels for each team member vary depending on years of service and position with the company. Your benefit level is indicated on your contract.  A list of benefits based on levels is in your commencement paperwork on the staff portal.

How to create your profile and receive your B-TAG - NEW TEAM MEMBERS


Be sure to check with your supervisor before creating a profile as some departments such as Ski and Snowboard School create profiles for their staff.  Also if you have already visited Mt Buller you likely already have a profile.


  • Go to:
  • Click “Sign-in” on the top right corner of the eStore page. If you have visited Mt Buller before and been issued a B-TAG you may already have an account. If so, you can choose “I already have a B-TAG” and follow the prompts to access your account. Once you find it, you can verify the details and save the information
  • If you need to create a new account Click “Sign-in” on the top right corner, and select “I DON’T have a B-TAG”. If you are unsure if you have an account or B-TAG, or have any questions about creating your account, please contact
  • Once logged in, complete or verify the required information under “Basic Information” and click “Save”
  • To complete your profile you must upload a photo. Find the “Upload a Photo” menu on the left side and follow the instructions to upload an appropriate photo.  Your B-TAG cannot be printed without a photo so be sure to complete this step. If you are unable to upload a photo, visit the Staff Services Desk or the Ticket Sales office and they can take your photo and attach it to your profile.
  • Once your profile is complete, the Ticket Sales Team will print your B-TAG.
  • Check with your Supervisor about how your B-TAG will be issued to you

If you have any questions about creating an RTP eStore account/profile please contact



Returning team members are required to bring their B-TAG with them from the previous season.  The ticket office will assign benefits and entitlements to your existing profile.  You are not required to visit the ticket office to renew as it will happen automatically.

If you have lost or forgotten your B-TAG or wish to have a new one printed, you will need to indicate this when you sign your season pass waiver online. Simply check the box “print new B-TAG” and the Ticket Office will print it for you.  Be advised that special hours for team members will be in place at the Ticket office.  Team members can pick up a new B-TAG:

  • At the Village Ticket Office only
  • Any day of the week after 3pm only

Spouse/Dependant passes

To redeem season passes for spouse and/or dependents (if eligible*) the following criteria must be met:

  • Spouse – A spouse or bona fide de facto is defined as living in a conjugal relationship for a minimum of two years (evidence may be required)
  • Dependent – Children are defined as registered, full time students up to 21 years at the commencement of the season.

To enable spouse and dependents to collect their season passes, they must have an established profile linked to you (the team member) in the e-Store.  See creating a profile above.

*Benefit levels for each team member vary depending on years of service and position with the company. Your benefit level is indicated on your contract.  A list of benefits based on levels is in your commencement paperwork on Taleo



Some benefit levels offer a number of vouchers that team members can utilize for family and friends offering 50% off day lift tickets.  Any available vouchers (based on benefit level) are placed on your eStore profile. Please note in most cases vouchers will not be available to view or print until the start of the winter season.

In order for friends and family to redeem the vouchers, you must log into your account and print or pdf the voucher and give it to your family member or friend. They can redeem the voucher at the Village Ticket Office only.

To log in and view your vouchers:

Go to:  

  • Click Sign-in on the top right corner
  • Choose log in if you know your password, or I already have a B-TAG if you have forgotten your password or have never created an online account. Follow the prompts to find your account and/or change your password.
  • Please do not create a new account. If you cannot find your account, or have any questions about this process, contact the ticket office via email,
  • Once logged in, go to My AccountBasic Information and verify the profile information there is correct.
  • To find available vouchers, go to Voucher History. Please note, your vouchers may not be available to view yet but will be available prior to the start of the season.
  • Select the vouchers you would like to print and click Print Selected Items. Print or save the voucher as a pdf and email it to your friend or family member. They can print it at home or present the PDF on their smart phone for redemption at the Ticket Office.
  • Friends and family can redeem the voucher for a ticket at the Village Ticket Office ONLY. Buller Sports and Ski School are not able to sell 50% Day Tickets.

If you have any questions about viewing and printing vouchers  please contact



Applications for the Madarao partnership ski resort program can be found on the following link: