Health & Wellbeing


Mental Health


Getting your head right is just as important as keeping your body healthy. In fact, your mental health often affects you physically. Take care of yourself mind, body, and soul this winter:

  • Understand that drinking and / or taking drugs may depress your mood
  • Balance partying with sleep (so that you wake up refreshed)
  • Balance work with relaxation and exercise
  • Make time to enjoy things that aren’t related to work or the snow
  • Identify someone that you can go to for support: a trustworthy friend, a workmate, etc.

If you have a mental illness, OR you suspect someone you know may have a mental illness, OR for any reason you need support, OR if you’re not coping and you want to talk, there are lots of resources.    You can contact them via:


Nutrition and Fitness


Living and Working in the snow is the most fun you will ever have; unless you are sick, injured or unfit to do your job.  Do yourself a favour and take care of your self by eating well and keeping up with some regular exercise.

Check out the Fit for Snow Facebook page for some hints on getting ready for snow season and even recipes for health meals to help keep you fuelled  up for riding.



Personal Hygiene


This may not seem like something we should have to remind you about, but people sometimes get slack over the course of the season and personal hygiene often takes a back seat.  Poor hygiene grosses out your roommates, co-workers, and customers. Poor hygiene also increases your likelihood of getting sick.

Do yourself and your roommates a favour, take regular showers (with soap), use deodorant, and brush your teeth everyday!  Wash your hair, wash your clothes (this goes for your uniform too) and towels and put them away. A little bi-carb in your shoes’ll do wonders for the smell of your bedroom. To keep from getting sick and/or passing germs along, wash your hands regularly.