Travel and Medical Insurance

Australian Team Members 

All Australian citizens and permanent residents have Medicare coverage, but it isn’t always enough.  If you need ‘extras’ like dental, physio, optical, or chiro, it’s worth looking into getting private health insurance.

For more information on insurance options, check out, click on ‘for consumers’ then ‘public and private health insurance.’

International Team Members 

Those on working holiday visas aren’t required to have medical cover whilst visiting Australia but you will be responsible for paying any costs you incur if you are sick or injured during your stay, so it is well worth the time and money to invest in some sort of travel insurance.

International workers who are sponsored by BSL will be required to purchase coverage before entering Australia and will be directed on how and when to do this.

Ambulance Cover 

Regardless of your nationality, make sure you invest in ambulance cover or double check your current policy to make sure your cover is adequate in case you need medical transport off the mountain.  In the event of an accident, the minimum cost for ambulance transport from the Mt Buller Medical Centre to Mansfield is more than $500.  If airlifted, the cost is obviously substantially higher.  However, the fee for Victorian residents to sign up for Ambulance insurance can be as little as $43.80 for a single membership (12 months).  Short term memberships are available. Apply online here