Buller Ski Lifts has an agreement in place with our sister resort, Madarao Mountain Resort in Nagano Japan, a relationship that dates back to the Nagano Winter Olympics in 1998.

Madarao is a beautiful little mountain town in the Japanese Alps, about 3 hours from Tokyo, on the main island of Honshu near the border between Nagano and Niigata Prefectures. Madarao Mountain Resort is renowned for its ungroomed, in-bound tree courses and epic dumps of powder (a metre overnight is not uncommon). It’s also a perfect base for visiting the many other nearby Nagano and Niigata resorts, including Shiga Kogen and Myoko Kogen. Off the slopes, you can relax in Japanese onsen (hot spring baths), visit the nearby snow monkeys and indulge in one of the world’s finest cuisines. Visit the Madarao website – – for more information.

As part of our agreement, Madarao Mountain Resort is offering a limited number of free hotel rooms and lift passes to Buller Ski Lifts team members who visit during their 2020-2021 Winter season.  Booking fee of $100 per person will be applicable.


Print and complete the Application Form.

On your application, you need to:

  • include first, second and third preferences for dates;
  • confirm whether you’re willing to share rooms in dorm style with other BSL team members or would prefer a room for yourself and your friends/family (specify the number of beds you’d like);
  • outline in a few sentences why you’d like to visit Madarao and why you’d be a good representative for Buller Ski Lifts and Mt Buller and/or a useful visitor for Madarao Mountain Resort while you’re there; and
  • obtain the appropriate manager approval.

All application forms must be delivered in person to Staff Services on Level 3 of the Ski & Snowboard School.

All applications will be assessed on merit by your department manager, senior management team and Human Resources, and are subject to availability.

Successful applicants will be advised as soon as possible and will need to arrange their own flights and transfers (by Shinkansen (Bullet Train) from Tokyo to Nagano, and then by local train and/or bus to Madarao).

CLICK HERE to download an application form.

2020-2021 Application close date TBC


Accommodation is in the Monaile Madarao Hotel, the second tier hotel at Madarao Mountain Resort, located right in the middle of the resort. Guests at Monaile are also free to use the facilities at the Madarao Kogen Hotel, the sister property and premier hotel on the mountain. The rooms at Monaile are 34 square metres and each sleeps four people. Madarao Mountain Resort is reserving three Monaile rooms with a total of 12 beds for BSL team members to use throughout the season. The minimum and maximum stay is six nights and bookings must be made in six night blocks from Sunday to Saturday.

How will the accommodation be allocated?

Rooms will be allocated in three phases:

Phase 1

  • Level 1 team members (i.e. permanent / year-round team members).
  • Anyone receiving a Buller Champs award in 2020, or who have specifically been nominated for Phase 1 selection by their manager as a reward for excellence.

Phase 2

  • By application – the remaining balance will be selected from applicants who do not meet Phase 1 criteria.

Phase 3

  • Team members who have traveled to Madarao in the previous seasons as part of this partnership and wishing to take up this offer again.


Any breaches of the Madarao Mountain Resort rules such as entering the prohibited areas by going under the ropes, will result in the lift pass being confiscated at the scene and the applicant will be ineligible for the sister resort deal from the following year. Specific tree runs have been carefully prepared to provide a powder experience in the safest environment possible.


Are flights or transfers included?


Flights and transfers are not included.  This offer is for accommodation and lift passes only.

Are my family and friends welcome to come with me?


This offer is available to BSL team members and their immediate family members, defacto partners and friends.  Team members and their guests are to stay in the one room.

Do I have to pay for accommodation/lift passes for my family and partner?


Immediate family members and defacto partners are eligible for complimentary accommodation and lift tickets. Friends staying with a BSL team member will be provided with a discounted rate for accommodation of 3,000 Yen per person per night (~ $43.00 per night – the accommodation will be payable upon arrival), and a seven day lift pass, for a booking fee of $100 per person.

What will this cost me?


A booking fee of $100 per person will be applicable (and the accommodation charge per night for friends)