The Buller Way!

The Buller Way refers to a set of priorities, attitudes, behaviours and beliefs that support the way we think and act as a community.

Live the Buller Way… everyday!

Caring for People


Acknowledge others:

  • Smile
  • Be polite
  • Look Guests in the eye
  • Show empathy
  • Greet using names where possible
  • Maintain a positive attitude

Providing assistant to others, even outside of your workplace:

  • Assist with directions
  • Offer to help – perhaps show Guests how to carry equipment, hold a door open, or show how to put their skis/board on
  • Identify and anticipate needs (sometimes Guests don’t know what questions to ask)
  • Help a co-worker if they are ‘under the pump’

Listening to the needs of others:

We all come to work, or even on a holiday with a particular set of needs and expectations.

Do your best to be considerate and understanding of others and their situation/circumstance, especially if it is different to your own. For example, many of our Guests have never been to the snow before.

What may seem like ‘common sense’ to you, may not be for a first-time visitor.

Know the Mountain

  • Be knowledgeable a products/services available on mountain
  • Provide assistance to others
  • Get out and about and experience what Mt Buller has to offer
  • Share knowledge and experience
  • Read the resources available to y0u
  • Know and adhere to the Alpine Responsibility Code

Working Together

  • Respect your co-workers
  • Build/maintain relationships
  • Be solutions focused
  • Help others whenever you can

Pride in our Mountain

  • Appearance and presentation of mountain staff
  • Appearance and presentation of our mountain, workplaces and home
  • Ensure a safe environment for Guests and your team
  • Respect our unique and fragile environment

Have fun!

  • Keep engagement with people light and easy
  • Remember to SMILE and maintain a positive attitude
  • Participate in events/activities Mt Buller has to offer
  • Make lifetime friends and memories
  • Find time to ski and ride – share your passion!