Uniform Care

Outerwear garments need to be of a high quality, warm, waterproof and are expected to have a minimum life cycle of four winter seasons. Team members are personally responsible for all uniform items issued to them. Significant damages to uniforms provided on loan will be charged or deducted from uniform/accommodation bond.

Below are the basic instructions for ensuring uniforms are returned to Staff Services in the same condition they are received.


  • Do not wash with water higher than 30 degrees celcius
  • Only use mild/delicate or special washing detergent for winter proof outerwear


  • Do not tumble-dry Raincoats!
  • If tumble-drying other pieces, ensure low setting is used
  • Do not hang on heaters to dry
  • Waterproof regularly, especially after washing


If your garment is damaged (eg. you rip or cut it), please bring to Staff Services as soon as possible to replace or repair.

DO NOT wait until the end of the season!

Common areas garment rips/cuts occur:

  • Skiers- inside bottom of pants (common with skiers with foot stances too tight when skiing)
  • Snowboarders – side of jacket (common with boarders who swing their arms whilst carrying snowboards)